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Opole Gospel Choir was founded in the town Opole (the south-west of poland) in November 2001 by Mr Jacek Mełnicki – the leader of a vocal group „Studio Singers”, which was known as the best polish gospel group. The choir is comprised of over 20 singers, who are mostly the students of University of Opole, Kraków, Warszawa and Wrocław.

Although the choir is relatively young, its members possess great vocal experience. Most of them are the finalists or winners of national song contests and TV programmes such as „A Star For The Night” or „Chance For Success”.

Opole Gospel Choir performs not only traditional gospel standards but also its variant – urban gospel and modern songs carrying a spiritual and evangelical message.

So far, their recordings have been released on seven CDs (three original records and four collaborative records) with such stars as Janice Harrington, Harriet Lewis, ‚Jazz Band Ball Orchestra’ or ‚Big Warsaw Band’.

Opole Gospel Choir is the finalist of European Gospel Award Contest, which was held in September 2005 in Berlin. In 2006 the group became a laureate of the prestigious Journalists’ Award during 43rd National Festival of Polish Song.

Apart from numerous concerts in Poland, the choir has frequently performed in Germany and Spain. In 2008 Opole Gospel Choir gave their concerts in Italy (Vrese), Sweden (Stockholm) and Ireland (Ennis). Opole Gospel Choir is also a host of Opole Gospel Festival.


„In The Sanctuary”

„More Than Anything”

„You Are My Peace”


European Gospel Awards  – Berlin, 2005

Krajowy Festiwal Polskiej Piosenki – Opole, 2007

Jazz Band Ball Orchestra & Harriet Levis & Opole Gospel Choir, 2006

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